What to Give Up For Lent

I wish this article had been around when I was a kid growing up in a very Catholic family while attending a Catholic parochial school.

Gerbil News Network

Lent, the forty-day period before Easter Sunday, begins tomorrow. On that day, children in Catholic grade schools all around the world will be getting The Talk.

The Talk is usually delivered by a nun, who informs kids that the forty days of Lent represent the forty days Jesus spent wandering in the desert while the Devil tempted him. “Because Jesus resisted temptation,” the nun says, “you kids ought to be able to give up something–Bobby Hohimer, spit out that gum!–for forty days.”

Image result for temptation of christ“Get thee behind me Satan.  I was in line first and I called NO CUTS!”

In the desert there is no dessert, however, so kids come to the conclusion that their suffering is greater than in Biblical times, when the Devil’s “temptation” was to challenge Jesus to demonstrate his supernatural powers.

Big deal. Call me sacrilegious, but challenging someone to demonstrate supernatural powers is chump change–what you do…

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