Lumpinina Scott (It was Bob)

Lumpinina Scott This is a recent charcoal drawing.  I used a surrealist technique:  I put down clouds of charcoal on the paper and looked for images in the stray marks.  Lumpinina Scott gradually emerged as I fleshed out the shapes and textures.  Her back story came to me as I stared at her face and thought of her as a weary person worn out from regrets. Oddly enough she looks like one of my former bosses.  I had no intention of summoning her memory when I started the drawing.  She could be most unpleasant.

Captions: “Lumpinina Scott

B. 1862 D. 1922”

“Courtesan, artist’s model, home wrecker, she spent the last two years of her life trying to recall her third lover’s name.  (It was Bob.)”

“Bradsmith?  Rudolpho?  Wellington?  Sophonisba?”


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