The Call Came From Inside the House!

DSC_0434 (2)

Our caller ID has helped us filter out sales, political and scam calls.  The lying bastards have adopted a new strategy:  they use numbers in our area code.  We’ve learned to ignore unfamiliar numbers, but a new wrinkle has presented itself over the last two days.  Now someone is calling us from our land line number to our land line number.  I’m listed on caller ID as the caller.

This morning I picked up to see if I was placing a call from the future (perhaps I had stumbled into a warp in the space/time continuum while trudging to the bathroom for my morning pee), but it turned out to be a robot woman.  She told me in peeved mechanical tones that she had been trying to contact me as Microsoft was about to close my account.

DSC_0435 (2)

I had two thoughts:  1. What Microsoft account? 2. Did I undergo a gender transition in the future right before I joined the Singularity and my hybrid computer/human mind was inserted into a call center robot scammer?

I got a second such call, and a likelier possibility occurred to me:  our personal space had been invaded.  I cried out to Judy, “The Microsoft robot is calling from inside the house!  Hide all the computers! She’s gonna erase Word!”


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